Acknowledgments and Credits

First and foremost, thanks to the many clients who have supported us by allowing us to serve you.  We appreciate your decision to bring your business to us, and we will continue to provide the best service we can to ensure that you have smooth, exciting, and unforgettable travel experiences.  Special thanks to K.C. Tan, Fook Wong, Ivan Pung, Janny Lee, Frank Chan, Eva Lew, Anthony Chiu, Dina Chu, Chean-Kung Cheng, Judy Lee, Gordon Yung, Edison Tseng, Alfred Lee, and Harry Chui, among many others, for their invaluable support.

Many thanks to the talented photographers who have made their work available through Creative Commons licenses for public use.  Your generosity helps us introduce our clients to the many wonders of China in a legal, ethical manner, and in return we hope that our photo credits will help draw attention to your beautiful work.  Credits for the tour icons used on this website are as follows: Saad Akhtar (CIT001), Romain Guy (CIT002), Philip Lai (CIT003), Doug Knuth (CIT004), Gary Larson (CIT005), Llee Wu (CIT006), “29cm” (CIT007), Bernt Rostad (CIT008), Taylor and Ayumi (CIT009), “Alpha” (CIT010), J. Aaron Farr (CITBJ1), J.G. (CITGL1), and Dennis Wong (CITHK1).    (Click on the name of each photographer to see his or her work.)

Thanks to Mark Kao for sharing his treasure trove of beautiful China photos with us, and to Tina Chen for providing numerous stunning photos of Huangshan and Hong Village for us to use.  More of their photography can be enjoyed on our website.

Photos marked with an asterisk are used by special permission of the photographer.  Special thanks to the following photographers: Aaron Yu, Daniel Poon, CT Leow, Daisy Lin, Bon-yu Chu, Dave Heisley, John Meckley, Peter Hunziker, Juergen Nyhuis, Ying Chen, Sean Maynard, Blake Kirkland, “XNing,” “Alanablue,” Alex “Pummel,” Derek Chen, Hailang Zhang, and Eva Lee.  You can check out some of their wonderful work in our photo itineraries and galleries.   I haven’t yet had a chance to use photos from all of these photographers, but their generosity is appreciated nonetheless.

The photo of a painting in the Mogao Caves, used in the CIT007 itinerary and as the Dunhuang icon, was anonymously donated to the public domain.

Other uncredited photos and images are © China International Travel CA, Inc., all rights reserved.

Thanks to our good friends in the travel industry who have helped us in various ways, especially Sylvia Sun for her unfailing friendship, support, and advice.

Deepest thanks to Kevin Omura and Dan Strickland of San Francisco’s Kuleana Design, creators of our logo, header, and original website templates, whose generous assistance with so much more than just design issues has been profoundly helpful.  We’re grateful to have been the beneficiaries of their vision, talent, knowledge, and skill.  To anyone who needs to have any kind of design-related work done, I strongly recommend that you put it in Kuleana’s capable hands.  You will not be disappointed.  They can be reached at (415) 282-3211.  [For the record, if there’s anything you find poorly designed or unattractive about our site, I can guarantee you it has nothing to do with their work!]

Lindsay at Purr Design did a fantastic job setting up the technical aspects of our original website so that I, someone who had almost no previous experience with building or maintaining websites, could really hit the ground running.

Thanks also to our website host, LMi, whom we couldn’t be happier with. Great service at a great price.

Greener Printer is an environmentally responsible company that has given us high-quality business cards at a very reasonable rate.

Thanks to Tracy Liu for her hard work, including the many helpful photographs she took for the company, which are featured on our website.

Finally, our continued gratitude to Anna Qin for her many contributions to our company’s success.  We couldn’t have done it without you, Anna!

The “place icons” used throughout the site are based on the following photographs taken by the following photographers:

Beijing icon: Saad Akhtar
Xi’an icon: Bill Tyne
Guilin icon: Cyril Bèle
Shanghai icon: Adam J.W.
Zhouzhuang icon: Chen Zhao
Suzhou icon: Stephen Hanafin
Wuxi icon: “Synyan
Hangzhou icon: Romain Guy
Mouni Valley icon: “Memes
Jiuzhaigou icon: Christopher
Chengdu icon: “Yongxinge
Leshan icon: McKay Savage
Mount Emei icon: Tomasz Dunn
Zhangjiajie icon: Filipe Fortes
Fenghuang icon: Vera and Jean Christophe
Three Gorges icon: Jeremy Barwick
Lhasa icon: “Reurinkjan
Taiwan icon: D.J. Anderson
Huangshan icon: Philip Lai
Hong Kong icon: Dennis Tang
Thailand icon: Julian Song
Kunming icon: Daniel Poon
Dali icon: A Mao
Lijiang icon: “Travelinknu
Xianggelila icon: Liu Shu
CITTWE icon: Li Ji
CITTWW icon: Bengchye Loo
CITT11 and Specials icon: Lu Yu
CITT08 icon: Faqiang Wu
CITBD1 icon: Harry Alverson
CITYN8 icon: Travelinknu
CITZJ9 icon: Kevin Poh

Forgive me if I’ve forgotten anyone!  This list has changed since we redesigned our website and will be updated and corrected soon.

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