Hutiaoxia (Tiger Leaping Gorge) Photo Gallery and Information Page

Tours Featuring
Tiger Leaping Gorge:
Yunnan Highlands Local Culture 11-Day Tour (CIT004): Kunming – Shilin (Stone Forest) – Jiuxiang Caverns – Dali –
Lijiang – Tiger Leaping Gorge –
Xianggelila (Shangri-la)
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Map of China showing the location of Tiger Leaping Gorge

Tiger Leaping Gorge lies along a stretch of the upper Yangtze River called the Jinsha (“Golden Sands”) River, between Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Haba Snow Mountain. Fantastically deep, with spectacular views and a roaring torrent of water rushing among gigantic boulders, the gorge is a popular destination for hikers. Its name comes from a legend that claims a tiger once jumped across the gorge, which is 25 meters wide even at its narrowest point.

Chinese Name: 虎跳峡 (traditional characters: 虎跳峽; pinyin: Hǔtiàoxiá or Hǔtiào Xiá)
Province: Yunnan
Weather: dry, cold winters; mild summers

Tiger Leaping Gorge Photos

The photos below show some of the sights and attractions that you will see on our tours that include Tiger Leaping Gorge. Please refer to individual itineraries for specific information about the attractions featured on each tour.

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Scenery on the road to Xianggelila:
The Jinsha River, Mt. Haba,
Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

(photo by CIT)
Pass over the Jinsha River,
the headwaters of the Yangtze

(photo by CIT’s Tracy Liu*)
The Jinsha narrows as
it enters a gorge—

(photo by Chen Zhao)
—Tiger Leaping

(photo by CIT’s Anna Qin*)
You might see herds
of goats as you travel
through the gorge

(photo by Mike Locke)
Or water falling
from the heights

(photo by Chris Feser)
The water grows turbulent as it
flows deeper into the gorge

(photo by Chen Ying)
Descend a
long stairway

(photo by CIT)
Gaze down the
length of the gorge

(photo by CIT)
Admire the bridge
on the other side

(photo by CIT’s Tracy Liu*)
Rays of sunlight
penetrate the gorge

(photo by Chen Zhao)
Pass painted rocks on the way down
(photo by CIT)
Buy snacks
and souvenirs

(photo by CIT)
People dwarfed by the
gorge’s enormous rocks

(photo by Jeremi Joslin)
Water rushes
through the gorge…

(photo by CIT’s Tracy Liu*)
…and around boulders
(photo by CIT’s Tracy Liu*)
A closer view of the bridge
(photo by CIT’s Tracy Liu*)
The statue commemorates the tiger
that was supposedly seen jumping
across the narrowest part

(photo by Tom Thai)
Don’t try to leap across – not even a
tiger on steroids could make it

(photo by CIT’s Tracy Liu*)
Look up at the sun blocked out
by the walls of the gorge

(photo by CIT)
Walk alongside
the rapids

(photo by CIT)
Next stop: Xianggelila
(photo by Poppy Wu)

* Unlicensed photos are used by permission of the photographer.

Tours Featuring Tiger Leaping Gorge:
CIT004 icon - 75 x 75
Yunnan Highlands Local Culture 11-Day Tour (CIT004)
Kunming – Shilin (Stone Forest) – Jiuxiang Caverns – Dali –
Lijiang – Tiger Leaping Gorge – Xianggelila (Shangri-la)
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