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Tours Featuring Putuoshan:
Cities of Eastern China + Mount Putuo 11-Day Discount Tour (CIT629): Wuxi – Suzhou – Hangzhou – Shaoxing – Ningbo – Mount Putuo (Putuoshan) – Shanghai
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Map of China showing the location of Putuoshan (Mount Putuo) - 250 x 213
Known as a “Buddhist paradise,” Putuoshan (Mount Putuo) is named for the famous mountain that dominates the island. It is located off the coast of East-Central China, not far from major cities such as Ningbo, Hangzhou, and Shanghai. One of China’s “four sacred mountains” of Buddhism, Putuoshan is dedicated to the goddess Guanyin and is home to important monasteries such as Puji Temple and Fayu Temple, along with literally scores of other temples.

Chinese Name: 普陀山 (pinyin: Pǔtuóshān)
Province: Zhejiang
Weather: humid and often rainy or foggy, with hot summers and mild winters

Putuoshan Photos

The photos below show some of the sights and attractions that you will see on our tours that include Putuoshan. Please refer to individual itineraries for specific information about the attractions featured on each tour.

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Putuoshan - temple buildings and ocean view Putuoshan (Mount Putuo) hills and mist Putuoshan - sunrise - S. Yue - small - 300 x 200
Temple buildings overlook the ocean
(photo by Llee Wu)
The misty hills and ridges of Mount Putuo
(photo by Llee Wu)
A Putuoshan ocean sunrise
(photo by S. Yue)
A pagoda overlooks the ocean in front of misty Mount Putuo An ocean vista seen from a path on Mount Putuo Thousand-Step Beach at Putuoshan Hundred Step Beach at Putuoshan
Misty Mount Putuo
(photo by Niklas Paul)
Ocean vista
(photo by Don-kun)
Thousand-Step Beach
(photo by Matteo Gianni)
Hundred-Step Beach
(photo by Matteo Gianni)
Beaches and hills at Putuoshan A temple and lake under a blue sky on Putuoshan Island
A “Buddhist paradise” with beautiful beaches and hills…
(photo by Don-kun)
…as well as lakes and, of course, Buddhist temples and monasteries
(photo by Llee Wu)
Giant Guanyin statue at Putuoshan (Kuan-yin or 观音) Fayu Temple at Putuoshan Putuoshan pilgrims burn incense in Buddhist temple censers
Famous statue of Guanyin (Kuan-yin),
the compassionate “hearer of cries”

(photo by Llee Wu)
Tranquil temple courtyards dot the island
(photo by Llee Wu)
Pilgrims burn incense in large censers
(photo by Jack Parkinson)
A waterfall at Mount Putuo Putuoshan - Hundred Step Beach A fisherman enjoys the morning sun at Putuoshan
A waterfall on the island
(photo by Jack Parkinson)
Another view of Hundred-Step Beach
(photo by Niklas Paul)
Fishing under the morning sun
(photo by Niklas Paul)

Tours Featuring Putuoshan:

CIT629 icon with price - new - 75 x 75
Cities of Eastern China + Mount Putuo 11-Day Discount Tour (CIT629)
Wuxi – Suzhou – Hangzhou – Shaoxing – Ningbo – Mount Putuo – Shanghai (June 29, 2012)

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