Jiangnan + 5-Star Yangtze Cruise + Chongqing 11-Day Discount Tour (CITC11)

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Departing on May 18, 2012

Please note: As this is a discount tour, the tour guides featured on this tour are primarily Chinese speakers and are not fully proficient in English. This tour is recommended for Chinese speakers or people traveling with Chinese speakers.

  • The term “Jiangnan” refers to the densely populated region south of (and around) the Yangtze River; it might also be described as “East-Central China.”
  • Chinese names are written with the simplified characters used in Mainland China.

Day 1 (5/18): U.S.A. – Shanghai
Today you will board a plane bound for China, where you will witness the vicissitudes of China’s five thousand-year history. Your tour will begin in the dynamic city of Shanghai.

Shanghai - Bund - CIT - 180 x 120
The Bund, Shanghai
(photo by CIT)

Day 2 (5/19): Arrival in Shanghai
Today, after arriving in Shanghai, you will be greeted at the airport by CIT’s professional tour guide and escorted to the hotel where you will be staying overnight.
Shanghai Accommodations: Wujiaochang Holiday Inn 五角场假日 (4-Star) or equivalent

Day 3 (5/20): Shanghai – Suzhou (B/L/D)
After breakfast, you will visit Shanghai’s lively Old Town and its Temple of the Town Gods Shopping Center. Then you can get a sense of the changes Shanghai has undergone in the last century as you stroll along bustling Nanjing Road and the Bund, where you can admire the colonial-era European buildings and an imposing cluster of modern skyscrapers across the river in Pudong. From there you will proceed by coach to Suzhou to tour Cold Mountain Temple (also known as “Hanshan Temple”), made famous by the poem “Anchored at Night by Maple Bridge.” Then you will visit one of the four most famous classical gardens in China, the Lingering Garden, which features a variety of beautiful and interesting works of architecture and landscaping. Afterward, you can enjoy some leisure time at Guanqian Street and Golden Rooster Lake, the largest downtown-area lake in China. There you can take a relaxing stroll and enjoy the lovely, tranquil environment, admiring the beautifully cultivated greenery of the park and the reflections of the nearby skyscrapers dancing around on the water. You can also enjoy a view of picturesque Tiger Hill, crowned by its famous leaning tower.
Suzhou Accommodations: The Garden Hotel 园外楼饭店 (4-Star) or equivalent
Day 3 Attractions:

Shanghai - Pudong skyline - CIT - 214 x 120 v2
Pudong skyscrapers
(photo by CIT)
  • Old Town (老城市, Lǎo Chéngshì) or Old Street (老街, Lǎo Jiē)
  • Temple of the Town Gods Shopping Center (城隍庙商圈, Chénghuáng Miào Shāngquān)
  • Nanjing Road (南京路, Nánjīng Lù)
  • The Bund (外滩, Wàitān)
  • view of Pudong (浦東, Pǔdōng)
  • Cold Mountain Temple (寒山寺, Hánshān Sì)
  • Lingering Garden (留园, Liú Yuán)
  • Guanqian Street (观前街, Guànqián Jiē)
  • Golden Rooster Lake (金鸡湖, Jīnjī Hú)
  • view of Tiger Hill Leaning Tower/Cloud Rock Pagoda (虎丘斜塔, Hǔqiū Xiétǎ / 云岩塔, Yúnyán Tǎ)

Day 4 (5/21): Suzhou – Wuxi (B/L/D)
After breakfast, you will travel by coach to Wuxi, nicknamed “Little Shanghai” and called a “land of plenty.” Your first stop will be the lovely Li Lake Park, whose enchanting variety of flower gardens and “mountain-and-lake” scenery look like something out of a poem or painting. Afterward you will visit Three Kingdoms City, a re-creation of a Three Kingdoms-era town featuring architecture, costumes, and performances from the 3rd century A.D. Then you will take a boat tour of Lake Tai, which is the most iconic symbol of Wuxi and is also famous for the freshwater pearls that thrive in its clean water and favorable ecological conditions. Lake Tai boasts a vast expense of emerald water and peaks that appear and suddenly disappear in the lake mist, creating a magical, constantly changing scene.
Wuxi Accommodations: Sujia Business Hotel 金龙商务 (4-Star) or equivalent
Day 4 Attractions:

Suzhou - Hanshan Temple bridge - onion83 - 187 x 140
Cold Mountain Temple
(photo by onion83)
  • Li Lake Park (蠡园, Lí Hú Gōngyuán)
  • Three Kingdoms City (三国城, Sānguó Chéng)
  • Lake Tai (太湖, Tài Hú), including a boat tour

Day 5 (5/22): Wuxi – Hangzhou (B/L/D)
After breakfast in your hotel, you will travel by coach to Hangzhou’s iconic West Lake, situated between the downtown area and the surrounding hills. You will take a boat tour of the lake and admire the magnificent views laid out along the shore in every direction. Afterward, you can stroll around the lake and enjoy its famous sights and attractions, such as Red Carp Pond and a view of Six Harmonies Pagoda. Then you can explore the quaint shops and enjoy the traditional atmosphere of Qinghefang Ancient Street, which reflects the distinctive culture and charm of the Ming and Qing Dynasties.
Hangzhou Accommodations: Hangzhou Grand Canal (Holiday Inn Express) 海外海快捷假日酒店 (4-Star) or equivalent
Day 5 Attractions:

Hangzhou - West Lake - hilltop pagoda - Gustavo Madico - 187 x 140
West Lake, Hangzhou
(photo by Gustavo Madico)
  • a boat ride on West Lake (西湖, Xī Hú)
  • Red Carp Pond (花港观鱼, Huāgǎng Guānyú)
  • view of Six Harmonies Pagoda (六和塔, Liùhé Tǎ)
  • Qinghefang Ancient Street (清河坊古街, Qīnghéfāng Gǔjiē)

Day 6 (5/23): Hangzhou – Shanghai – Yichang (B/L/D)
Today you will return to Shanghai by coach and then board a flight to Yichang to begin your unforgettable Yangtze River cruise through the Three Gorges. The Three Gorges area of the Yangtze River (also known as the Cháng Jiāng) stretches from Chongqing in the west to Yichang in the east and is made up of Qutang Gorge, Wu Gorge, and Xiling Gorge. With a total length of 192 kilometers, the Three Gorges area is like a gallery of paintings in its striking beauty. It has long been world-famous for its spectacular scenery: the towering peaks pressing in on both sides, the narrow and winding river, the rocks and shoals scattered through the river like chess pieces, the rushing and surging of the turbulent water. With lofty mountain ridges and overhanging precipices rising on either side of the river, the scene is astonishing and unique: the continual line of peaks has an average height of 700-800 meters, and the river gets as narrow as a mere 100 meters wide. You will enjoy this magnificent scenery from the comfort of a 5-star cruise ship.
Please note: Because of the time needed for boarding and registration, there will be no tour group dinner tonight; you will be able to purchase your own dinner on the ship after boarding.
Yangtze Cruise Accommodations: President No. 1 总统一号 (5-Star) or equivalent

Day 7 (5/24): Three Gorges (B/L/D)
Your tour of the Yangtze River’s lofty mountains and flowing waters, as well as of the changes that have occurred since the construction of the Three Gorges Dam, begins today. But first, three hours will be spent simply passing through the dam’s enormous locks, which will raise the ship about 100 meters, allowing you time to absorb the splendid scenery. This experience will undoubtedly give you indelible memories as you take in the magnificence of the Three Gorges Dam, the most impressive feat of engineering in human history. With a length of 2 miles and a height of 600 feet, it is the product of the boundless power of a spirit capable of conquering mountains. No other dam can compare to it; it is the biggest dam in the world and also produces the most electricity. As the ship passes into Xiling Gorge, you can see that the dam has transformed the area’s rushing waters and dangerous shoals into the largest artificial lake in the world. You will spend the night on the cruise ship.
Day 7 Attractions:

Three Gorges Dam - Wikitravel - 180 x 120
Three Gorges Dam
(photo by Wikitravel)
  • Three Gorges Dam (三峡大坝, Sānxiá Dàbà)
  • Xiling Gorge (西陵峡, Xīlíng Xiá)

Day 8 (5/25): Three Gorges (B/L/D)
Today the ship will stop at Wushan, where you will take a side trip on the Daning River through the Little Three Gorges, beginning with the gorge known as Dragon Gate Gorge. Here you can still hear the cries of the monkeys that live in the area and see the “hanging coffins,” which used to be high up on the cliff but now seem almost close enough to reach up and touch. As a result of the construction of the Three Gorges Dam, the river is less dangerous than before, and now you can go deep into gorges that were previously inaccessible by boat. After your trip along the Little Three Gorges, you will return to the cruise ship and enter Wu Gorge. The second of the Three Gorges, it has a length of 36 kilometers and features 12 peaks with wildly varied shapes, such as Peak of the Immortals and Goddess Peak, which still presents the imposing figure of a woman standing straight and tall; she now simply seems a little closer. Here, precipitous cliffs confront each other across the river, proving that the beautiful scenery of the Three Gorges still exists. As you prepare to go to sleep in your cabin tonight, allow your imagination to be inspired by the wondrous sights you’ve seen.
Day 8 Attractions:

Three Gorges - Xiling Gorge 2 - Robin Poll - 177 x 140
The Yangtze River’s Xiling Gorge
(photo by Robin Poll)
  • Daning River (大宁河, Dàníng Hé)
  • Little Three Gorges (小三峡, Xiǎo Sānxiá), including Dragon Gate Gorge (龙门峡, Lóngmén Xiá)
  • Wu Gorge (巫峡, Wūxiá)
  • Peak of the Immortals (集仙峰, Jíxiān Fēng)
  • Goddess Peak (神女峰, Shénnǚ Fēng)
  • …and 10 other famous peaks

Day 9 (5/26): Three Gorges (B/L/D)
The ship’s horn blows like thunder as you enter the most magnificent of the Three Gorges, Qutang Gorge, which is just as impressive as ever; the only difference is that some of the famous stone engravings are now underwater. Gaze upward at the ancient settlement of White King Town, mentioned in one of China’s most famous books, The Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The cruise ship will stop at Fengdu, the “City of Ghosts,” which features many ancient tombs as well as many temples dedicated to the gods of the Underworld; the effect of it all is to serve as a potent reminder of the importance of being a good person. Alternatively, the ship might dock at Wanxian (or Wanzhou), known as “Big Gate of the Eastern River” (川东大门, Chuāndōng Dàmén). Wanxian’s famous “hundred stone stairs” up the side of the gorge are now underwater, and a new, modern town has been constructed at a higher elevation. Tonight, you will again sleep on the cruise ship.
Day 9 Attractions:

Three Gorges - Qutang Gorge - Gary Larson - 180 x 120
Qutang Gorge
(photo by Gary Larson)
  • Qutang Gorge (瞿塘峡, Qútáng Xiá)
  • White King Town (白帝城, Báidìchéng)
  • Fengdu (酆都, Fēngdū) or Wanxian (万县, Wànxiàn), also called Wanzhou (万州, Wànzhōu)

Day 10 (5/27): Three Gorges – Chongqing (B/L/D)
Today your ship will arrive at the mountain city of Chongqing, temporarily the capital of China during the Japanese occupation. After disembarking, you will visit Ciqikou Ancient Town, located to the west of the city in a popular shopping district. The town, built along a cobblestone street, dates all the way back to the Ming Dynasty and was formerly an important center of trade on the Jialing River. Since the atmosphere of the town has been preserved unchanged for so many centuries, it has become a symbol and model of Old Chongqing (“Chungking”). Afterward, you will visit the Three Gorges Museum, which features four main exhibits that reflect the long history and culture of the Three Gorges/Chongqing area. Then you can admire the magnificent views from Eling Park, located at a high point in the city, and then take a stroll around a popular new shopping, dining, and entertainment development called Hongya Cave, built around a cave opening in a cliff face overlooking the river and modeled on the traditional cliffside architecture of Chongqing. The complex features performances by dancers and musicians, and its shops sell traditional arts and crafts.
Chongqing Accommodations: 88 Eling Park Hotel 88 峨岭公园酒店 (4-Star) or equivalent
Day 10 Attractions:

Chongqing - Ciqikou - village lane - Fang Guo - 179 x 120
Ciqikou Ancient Town
(photo by Fang Guo)
  • Ciqikou Ancient Town (磁器口,Cíqì Kǒu)
  • Three Gorges Museum (三峡博物馆, Sānxiá Bówùguǎn)
  • Eling Park (峨岭公园, Élǐng Gōngyuán) – also written “鹅岭” or “鹅领”
  • Hongya Cave (洪崖洞, Hóngyá Dòng)

Day 11 (5/28): Chongqing – Beijing – U.S.A. (B)
After breakfast today, you will say goodbye to Chongqing and proceed by coach to the airport, where you will board a flight to Beijing and then back to the U.S.A.

Total Price (including tax): $1980

Departure Date: 5/18/2012

Extra charge for single occupancy: $450/person

Please note:

  1. Only Chinese-speaking tour guides are provided on this tour.
  2. This tour departs from San Francisco (SFO) only.
  3. There is no discount for children not requesting a separate bed on this tour.
  4. Once your booking is confirmed, no changes can be made within 30 days of the departure date, including cancellation for any reason, changes to your itinerary, or name changes (exchanging your booking with another person).
  5. Any tour member who wishes to leave the group during the tour must pay an extra USD $99 per person per day.

Tour price includes the following:

  1. round-trip international air ticket and all domestic travel fares within China
  2. 4-Star deluxe accommodations throughout the trip (two people per hotel room)
  3. expert tour guides
  4. entrance fees and tickets for all places and programs listed on the itinerary (non-refundable if unused)
  5. three satisfying meals a day (except on international arrival and departure days and as noted on the itinerary)
  6. travel accident insurance

Tour price does NOT include the following:

  1. Chinese visa processing fee
  2. domestic airfare within the U.S. (to and from SFO)
  3. any and all personal expenses
  4. tips for tour leader, tour guides, driver, bellhops, etc.
  5. any other expenses caused by acts of God, natural disasters, fires, weather, acts of government or authorities, political changes, strikes, war, riots, quarantine, customs regulations, damages or injury caused by accidents beyond the responsibilities or control of travel agents

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– 60 or more days prior to departure: $200 per person will be assessed.
– 45-59 days prior to departure: $300 per person will be assessed.
– 31-44 days prior to departure: $400 per person will be assessed.
– 30 days or less (including nonappearance): 100% of total charge.

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