Yunnan Highlands Local Culture 11-Day Tour (CIT004) Photo Itinerary: Days 1-3

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Day 1: U.S.A. – Hong Kong

Day 2: Hong Kong – Kunming
Kunming Accommodations: Weilong Hotel
威龙饭店 (4-Star) or equivalent

Yunnan: a land of lovely open spaces…
(photo by “The Tenth Dragon“)
…stunning mountains…
(photo by Aaron Yu*)
…and idyllic rural life
(photo by Tom Thai)
But within Yunnan there is also
Kunming, the “City of Eternal Spring,”
nestled amongst lakes and mountains…

(photo by Andreas Muelder)
…historic and traditional…
(photo by Hector Garcia)
…but also modern and vibrant
(photo by Wikipedia)

Day 3: Kunming – Shilin (Stone Forest) – Jiuxiang – Kunming
Special Arrangements
: authentic Yunnan cuisine—Mushroom Hot Pot (菌菇火锅, Jùngū Huǒguō)

A panoramic view of part of the Stone Forest
(photo by Gilad Rom)
Miniature “mountain-and-water” landscapes
(photo by Kent Wang)
Lush flowers and grass
(photo by Mark Kao*)
Rock and sky
(photo by Kent Wang)
Jagged peaks of karst in Yunnan's Stone Forest A karst formation called Elephant on a Platform in the Stone Forest
A pavilion affords a fantastic view
(photo by Mark Kao*)
Jagged rock formations
(photo by CIT’s Anna Qin*)
“Elephant on a Platform”
(photo by CIT)
Brantley from CIT posing with a local guide in Yunnan's Stone Forest A stairway climbing between high stone walls in Yunnan's Stone Forest A tour guide from the Yi ethnic group stands next to a hole in a karst formation in the Stone Forest
An expert local
guide will lead you

(photo by CIT)
up stairs between
sheer rock faces,

(photo by CIT)
under precariously perched boulders,
(photo by Eric Chan)
and through holes in the karst formations
(photo by CIT’s Anna Qin*)
Carefully tended trees and grass complement the karst formations of the Stone Forest Local people carry loads up a path in Yunnan's Stone Forest Performers from the Yi minority ethnic group sing and dance at Yunnan's Stone Forest
Admire the harmony of trees,
grass, flowers, ponds, and rocks

(photo by CIT)
Observe and interact with locals
(photo by CIT)
Watch local culture performances
(photo by CIT)
Vendors selling fruit outside Yunnan's Stone Forest A stall selling clothing in the style of Yunnan's ethnic minorities
Fruit and snack vendors
in Shilin’s outdoor market

(photo by CIT)
Vendors selling local fashions
and other memorabilia

(photo by CIT)
Shilin: Unforgettable beauty
(photo by Gilad Rom)
(photo by Kent Wang) (photo by Kent Wang)

Jiuxiang Scenic Area
(photo by CIT)
Jiuxiang’s Yincui Gorge,
seen from above

(photo by CIT)
The gorge rises high above
(photo by CIT’s Anna Qin*)
Your tour begins with a lively boat
ride through the Yincui Gorge,
and voices echo off the walls

(photo by CIT)
A local tour guide
accompanies you
into the cavern

(photo by CIT)
The walkway descends
into the gorge…

(photo by CIT)
…and the entrance swallows
you like an enormous maw

(photo by CIT’s Anna Qin*)
The ceiling rises high
over your head

(photo by CIT)
As the cavern closes in,
you feel like an explorer

(photo by CIT’s Anna Qin*)
The cavern features a great
variety of limestone formations,
some with colorful lighting

(photo by CIT’s Anna Qin*)
More lighted

(photo by CIT)
Don’t miss the world-famous
“Feudal Headman Castle”…

(photo by CIT’s Anna Qin*)
…and “Posture in Lying of an Old
Immortal Man After Drunkenness”

(photo by CIT)
A vast chamber within the cavern,
much larger than a photo can convey

(photo by CIT’s Anna Qin*)
After crossing a bridge,
you continue the tour

(photo by CIT’s Anna Qin*)
A waterfall flows
into the entrance

(photo by CIT’s Anna Qin*)
More falls near the entrance
(photo by CIT’s Anna Qin*)
A magnificent cascade
deeper in the cavern

(photo by CIT’s Anna Qin*)
The waterfall flows far
down into the depths

(photo by CIT’s Anna Qin*)
If you don’t want to make the long
climb to the exit, you can just
take an inexpensive “sedan” ride

(photo by CIT’s Anna Qin*)
From there, you can ride a horse
back to the park entrance

(photo by CIT’s Anna Qin*)
You can also take a chairlift…
(photo by CIT’s Anna Qin*)
…and enjoy a vertiginous view
of Jiuxiang’s hills and forests

(photo by CIT’s Anna Qin*)
A delicious dinner of steaming
wild mushroom hotpot
awaits you in Kunming

(photo by CIT)

* Unlicensed photos are used by permission of the photographer.

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