Northeast China 15-Day Tour (CIT009)

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Harbin - St. Sophia Cathedral 01 - Ivan Walsh - 149 x 120
St. Sophia Cathedral
(photo by Ivan Walsh)

Day 1: U.S.A.Beijing
Today you will board a plane bound for China, where you will witness the vicissitudes of China’s five thousand-year history.  Your tour will begin in the dynamic city of Beijing, the capital of China.

Day 2: Transfer to Harbin after arrival in Beijing
Today you will take a flight to Harbin (Haerbin), “the Moscow of the Far East” and the capital of Heilongjiang Province.  With a 900-year history, Harbin has a distinctively foreign feel thanks to its history of Russian influence.  CIT’s professional bilingual tour guide will greet you at the airport and escort you to your hotel, where you can recover from your trip.
Harbin Accommodations: Fortune Days Hotel 福顺天天大酒店 (5-Star) or equivalent

Day 3: Harbin
Today you will visit Harbin’s Siberian Tiger Park, currently the largest facility in the world dedicated to the raising and breeding of Siberian tigers; the park also has exhibits of other “big cats” such as white tigers, black pumas, and lions.  Afterward, you will visit St. Sophia Cathedral Square, featuring a magnificent Russian-style cathedral, before heading to Stalin Park, on the south bank of the Songhua River.  The park, which features a monument commemorating Harbin’s successes at flood control, draws big crowds with its many nearby stores.  You can then do some further shopping at a shopping center featuring Russian products.  For dinner, you will have a chance to savor Harbin-style lamb hot pot.
Day 3 Attractions:

Harbin - Siberian tigers - Chen Wu - 180 x 120
Siberian Tigers, Harbin
(photo by Chen Wu)
  • Siberian Tiger Park (东北虎林园, Dōngběi Hǔ Línyuán)
  • St. Sophia Cathedral Square (圣索菲亚教堂广场, Shèng Suǒfēiyà Jiàotáng Guǎngchǎng)
  • Stalin Park (斯大林公园, Sīdàlín Gōngyuán)
    • Songhua River (松花江, Sōnghuā Jiāng)
    • flood control monument (防洪胜利纪念塔, Fánghóng Shènglì Jìniàn Tǎ)
  • Russian market (俄罗斯精品商城, Éluósī Jīngpǐn Shāngchéng or 俄罗斯工艺品店, Éluósī Gōngyì Pǐndiàn)
  • Special Arrangements: Harbin-style lamb hot pot

Day 4: HarbinChangchun
After breakfast, you will take a trip of roughly 4 hours and 300 kilometers to Changchun, the “Garden City of the North,” known for its forests, culture, automobiles, movies, and orchids.  After your arrival, you will tour the Puppet Emperor’s Palace, which was used by China’s last emperor, Puyi, when Japan installed him as figurehead ruler of the puppet state of Manchukuo and made Changchun its capital; you will also see the Eight Ministries of Manchukuo.  Then you will visit what some consider the most beautiful place in Changchun: Xinmin Street, a boulevard lined with buildings from the Manchukuo era that features a public square on one end and a lake on the other.
Changchun Accommodations: HNA Hotel Noble Changchun 名门海航酒店 (5-Star) or equivalent
Day 4 Attractions:

Changchun - park - Derek - 175 x 120
Changchun, the Garden City
(photo by Derek)
  • Puppet Emperor’s Palace (伪满洲国皇宫, Wěi Mǎnzhōuguó Huánggōng)
  • Eight Ministries of Manchukuo (伪八大部, Wěi Bā Dàbù)
  • Xinmin Street (新民大街, Xīnmín Dàjiē)

Day 5: ChangchunJilin
After breakfast, you will proceed to the city of Jilin.  Your first stop will be North Hill Park, famous for its Buddhist temples and mountain scenery.  Afterward, you will visit the Jilin Meteorite Museum before heading to Century Square, a scenic park that reflects the special character of Jilin.  The square is composed of the Jilin City Museum, the south bank of the Songhua River, and a choreographed musical fountain.
Jilin Accommodations: HNA Hotel Empire Garden 皇家花园海航酒店 (5-Star) or equivalent
Day 5 Attractions:

Shenyang - laobian dumplings - Prince Roy - 180 x 120
“Laobian” dumplings
(photo by Prince Roy)
  • North Hill Park (北山公园, Běishān Gōngyuán)
  • Jilin Meteorite Museum (吉林陨石博物馆, Jílín Yǔnshí Bówùguǎn)
  • Century Square (世纪广场, Shìjì Guǎngchǎng)

Day 6: JilinShenyang
The next stop on your tour is Shenyang, the largest city in northeastern China.  There you will visit the Former Imperial Palace of Shenyang, a complex of palace buildings dating back to the Qing Dynasty that is second only to Beijing’s Forbidden City in historical importance and aesthetic value.  Afterward, you will tour the Former Residence of General Zhang Xueliang, a mansion built by a warlord who was briefly named president of China after the fall of the Qing Dynasty.  For dinner you will enjoy “laobian” dumplings.
Shenyang Accommodations: Sheraton Hotel Shenyang 喜来登大酒店 (5-Star) or equivalent
Day 6 Attractions:

Shenyang - Former Residence of General Zhang Xueliang - Richard Summers - 160 x 120
Residence of General Zhang
(photo by Richard Summers)
  • Former Imperial Palace of Shenyang or Mukden Palace (沈阳故宫, Shěnyáng Gùgōng)
  • Former Residence of General Zhang Xueliang (张学良将军的少帅府, Zhāng Xuéliáng Jiāngjūn de Shàoshuài Fǔ)
  • Special Arrangements: authentic local “laobian” dumplings (老边饺子, lǎobiān jiǎozi)

Day 7: ShenyangDalian
Today you will proceed to Dalian, known as a “garden city” and “capital of romance” for its beauty and extensive greenery.  First you will head to picturesque Tiger Beach, surrounded by mountains on three sides and the ocean on the other, with a huge rock formation that looks like a crouching tiger lying in the water.  After dinner you will enjoy the city’s stirring night scenery at Xinghai (“Stars and Sea”) Park, a seaside park that according to legend was where a large meteorite once fell, and then visit the Qingniwa Bridge shopping center and the People’s Square.
Dalian Accommodations: Hotel Nikko Dalian 日航饭店 (5-Star) or equivalent
Day 7 Attractions:

Dalian - Xinghai Square - downtown buildings - Mike Saechang - 180 x 120
Xinghai Square, Dalian
(photo by Mike Saechang)
  • Tiger Beach (老虎滩群雕, Lǎohǔ Tān Qúndiāo)
  • Xinghai Park (星海公园, Xīnghǎi Gōngyuán)
  • Qingniwa Bridge shopping center (清泥洼桥购物广场, Qīngníwā Gòuwù Guǎngchǎng)
  • People’s Square (人民广场, Rénmín Guǎngchǎng)

Day 8: DalianLüshunDalian
Today you will head to Lüshun, located at the southernmost tip of the Liaodong Peninsula, a site that once had great strategic importance.  There you will visit a few of Lüshun’s places of scenic and historical interest such as its military port, the Russo-Japanese Prison, and former artillery site Height 203; the entire area is like a museum of modern history.  Before returning to Dalian, you will also visit North Bridge and the scenic Binhai Road.  For dinner, you will enjoy a meal of local seafood.
Day 8 Attractions:

Lushun - ocean view - Jerry Luo - 281 x 120
Lüshun scenery
(photo by Jerry Luo)
  • Lüshun’s military port (旅顺军港, Lǚshùn Jūngǎng)
  • Russo-Japanese Prison (日俄监狱, Rì È Jiānyù)
  • Height 203 (203 高地, Èr Líng Sān Gāodì)
  • North Bridge (北大桥, Běi Dàqiáo)
  • Binhai Road (滨海路, Bīnhǎi Lù)
  • Special Arrangements: Dalian-style seafood

Day 9: DalianYantai
Today you will take a ferry to the city of Yantai.  First, you will visit Yantai Hill, where beacon-fires were formerly lit to warn fishing fleets of approaching pirates.  Next you will tour the Changyu Wine Culture Museum, located on the site of the Changyu Wine Company, which dates back to 1892.  Afterward, you will stop at Yuhuangding Park.
Yantai Accommodations: Jinghai Hotel 静海大酒店 (4-Star) or equivalent
Day 9 Attractions:

Qingdao - seaside - Taylor and Ayumi - 160 x 120
Zhan Bridge, Qingdao
(photo by Taylor and Ayumi)
  • Yantai Hill (烟台山, Yāntái Shān)
  • Changyu Wine Culture Museum (张裕酒文化博物馆, Zhāng Yù Jiǔ Wénhuà Bówùguǎn)
  • Yuhuangding Park (毓璜顶公园, Yùhuángdǐng Gōngyuán)

Day 10: YantaiQingdao
Today you will travel to Qingdao, a city often compared to Switzerland.  First, you will stop at Zhan Bridge, a famous symbol of Qingdao.  Strolling along the seashore at Zhan Bridge, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the crescent-shaped city.  The best place to visit in Qingdao is the Eight Passes Villas Scenic Area, with its streets crisscrossing like a giant chessboard and its quiet atmosphere.  In addition, it features numerous turn-of-the-century European villas, giving the area pleasant elegance and tranquility.  To walk amongst its clusters of pine trees in the early morning is even more deeply satisfying!
Qingdao Accommodations: Hai Tian Hotel 海天大酒店 (5-Star) or equivalent
Day 10 Attractions:

Qingdao - Tsingtao Brewery - Daniel Ng - 180 x 120
Tsingtao Brewery, Qingdao
(photo by Daniel Ng)
  • Zhan Bridge (栈桥, Zhànqiáo)
  • Eight Passes Villas Scenic Area (八大关风景区, Bā Dàguān Fēngjǐng Qū)

Day 11: QingdaoLao MountainQingdao
After breakfast, you will travel to “the Alps of the Far East,” Lao Mountain, which with its magnificent mountain views has been a popular site throughout history for the construction of Taoist temples.  You will see famous local sights such as Frog Rock, Old Man of Stone, and Great Purity Palace, where famous Taoist priests such as Qiu Chuji, Liu Zhijian, and Zhang Sanfeng practiced Taoist arts.  Afterward, you will return to Qingdao to visit Donghai Sculpture Park, which features an indoor sculpture museum and an outdoor sculpture garden, and May Fourth Square, with its large lawn area and choreographed musical fountain.  We’ve also made special arrangements for you to tour the Olympic Sailing Center, followed by a visit to Little Fish Hill Park, whose distinctive buildings all have an ocean or fish motif.  Finally, you will tour the Tsingtao (Qingdao) Brewery, which has long carried on the art of brewing German beer and is now internationally famous.  Here you can enjoy drinking your fill of China’s number one beer.
Day 11 Attractions:

Qingdao - Laoshan (Mount Lao) vista - Takwing Kwong - 187 x 140
Lao Mountain Scenery
(photo by Takwing Kwong)
  • Lao Mountain (崂山, Láoshān)
    • Frog Rock (青蛙石, Qīngwā Shí)
    • Old Man of Stone (石老人, Shí Lǎorén)
    • Great Purity Palace (太清宫, Tàiqīng Gōng)
  • Donghai Sculpture Park (东海雕塑园, Dōnghǎi Diāosùyuán)
  • May Fourth Square (五四广场, Wǔ Sì Guǎngchǎng)
  • Olympic Sailing Center (奥运帆船赛基地, Àoyùn Fánchuán Sài Jīdì)
  • Little Fish Hill Park (小鱼山公园, Xiǎoyú Shān Gōngyuán)
  • Tsingtao Brewery (青岛啤酒厂, Qīngdǎo Píjiǔchǎng)
  • Special Arrangements: fresh Tsingtao beer

Day 12: QingdaoWeifangJi’nan
Today you will take a deluxe tour bus to Ji’nan, the capital of Shandong Province.  On the way, you will stop in Weifang, known as the “kite capital,” to tour Yangjiafu Park, which features exhibits of various traditional handicrafts that the area is famous for.  The city of Ji’nan contains more than 100 natural springs spread throughout the city in clusters, the most famous of which are Baotu Springs, Black Tiger Springs, Five-Dragon Springs, and Pearl Spring.  You will visit Daming Lake, formed by the convergence of three springs, which boasts crystal-clear water and fish swimming to and fro.  The lake is surrounded by a ring of more than 800 willow trees and more than 40 lotus flowers, and a number of the city’s most famous sights can be seen here.
Ji’nan Accommodations: The Grand Tower Hotel 山东明珠怡和国际酒店 (5-Star) or equivalent
Day 12 Attractions:

Ji'nan - Daming Lake and downtown - Bruce McAdam - 180 x 120
Daming Lake, Ji’nan
(photo by Bruce McAdam)
  • Yangjiafu Park (杨家埠风情园, Yángjiāfù Fēngqíngyuán)
  • Daming Lake (大明湖, Dàmíng Hú)

Day 13: Ji’nanMount Tai
After breakfast, you will head to Mount Tai (Taishan), known as “the chief of China’s five great mountains.”  From Midway Gate to Heaven, you will ride in a gondola up the mountain to South Gate to Heaven, where the vast view of the plains of northern China spread out below gave rise to the expression “For he who climbs Mount Tai, the world is small.”  From there you will proceed to Heaven Street, a shop-lined street located at the summit of the mountain that is considered one of the “ten most unique markets in China.”  Whether you’re looking to buy something or just looking, a visit to Heaven Street will leave you satisfied.  Next, you will tour Jade Emperor Temple, on Jade Emperor Summit, before taking the gondola back down the mountain.
Taishan Accommodations: Ramada Plaza Taian 东尊华美达大酒店 (5-Star) or equivalent
Day 13 Attractions:

Taishan (Mount Tai) - mountainside temple - Mark Tu - 180 x 120
Mount Tai scenery
(photo by Dr. Mark Tu)
  • Midway Gate to Heaven (中天门 , Zhōngtiānmén)
  • South Gate to Heaven (南天门, Nántiānmén)
  • Heaven Street (天街, Tiān Jiē)
  • Jade Emperor Summit (玉皇顶, Yùhuáng Dǐng)
  • Jade Emperor Temple (玉皇庙, Yùhuáng Miào)
  • Special Arrangements: gondola (cable car) ride up and down the mountain

Day 14: Mount TaiQufuJi’nan
Today you will go to southwestern Shandong Province to visit Qufu, the birthplace of Confucius (“Kongzi” or “Kongfuzi”) and an ancient city famous for its culture significance.  You will proceed to the center of the city to tour the Temple of Confucius, the largest and oldest Confucian temple in China.  For lunch you will have the chance to dig into a “Kong Family Mansion Banquet,” after which you will visit the Cemetery of Confucius, a forested area where the descendants of Confucius have been buried for more than 2,400 years.  Finally, you will tour the Kong Family Mansion, formerly the residence of direct descendants of Confucius.  After your trip to Qufu, you will return to Ji’nan to visit the gardens, fountains, and shops of Spring City Square, where you will have some leisure time to stroll around and do some shopping.
Ji’nan Accommodations: The Grand Tower Hotel 山东明珠怡和国际酒店 (5-Star)
Day 14 Attractions:

Qufu - Confucius with disciples - Mark Tu - 180 x 120
Confucius display, Qufu
(photo by Dr. Mark Tu)
  • Qufu (曲阜, Qūfù)
    • Temple of Confucius (孔庙, Kǒng Miào)
    • Cemetery of Confucius (孔林, Kǒng Lín)
    • Kong Family Mansion (孔府, Kǒng Fǔ)
  • Spring City Square (泉城广场, Quánchéng Guǎngchǎng)
  • Special Arrangements: Confucian banquet

Day 15: Ji’nan / Departure from China via Beijing or Shanghai
Today you will take a flight to Beijing or Shanghai, where you will catch a connecting flight back to the U.S.A. and home, sweet home.  You can also continue your vacation in China, if you so choose; please let us know if you’d like to make additional travel arrangements.

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