Guilin/Yangshuo 3-Day Tour Extension (CITGL1)

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Day 1: Arrival in Guilin (L/D)
Today you will travel to a city with “mountain and water” scenery that ranks among the finest in the world: Guilin, whose verdant hills, picturesque rivers, and unusual landscapes make it deserving of its fame. Reed Flute Cave, the first stop on your Guilin itinerary, boasts some of Guilin’s most iconic scenery and enjoys a reputation as “nature’s architectural wonder”; it contains rock formations of every shape and color, including stone pillars, stone curtains, stone flowers, and all kinds of strange things. Seen under bright lights of every color, they dazzle the eyes like a dream or a hallucination. Another famous sight, Elephant Trunk Hill, looks like an enormous elephant with its trunk dangling in the water as if it were about to drink from the river. For dinner we will arrange for you to enjoy a meal of Guilin-style rice-flour noodles, which are even more famous than Guilin’s scenery. So long they seem to never end, rice-flour noodles of the finest quality are soft and silky as well as tasty; with some peanuts or pickled cabbage on top, they’re even more delicious, and they will give you a tremendous appetite.
Guilin Accommodations: Guilin Bravo Hotel 桂林宾馆 (4-Star) or equivalent
Day 1 Attractions:

Guilin - Reed Flute Cave 2 - Dennis Jarvis - 160 x 120
Reed Flute Cave, Guilin
(photo by Dennis Jarvis)
  • Reed Flute Cave (芦笛岩, Lúdí Yán)
  • Elephant Trunk Hill (象鼻山, Xiàngbí Shān)
  • Special Arrangements: authentic Guilin-style rice-flour noodles (米粉, mǐfěn)

Day 2: GuilinYangshuo (B/L/D)
Thanks to the beauty of the Li River, Yangshuo’s scenery may be even better than Guilin’s. The most picturesque part of the Li River is universally acknowledged to be the stretch located between Guilin and Yangshuo. Today at dawn, in the clear and crisp morning air, you will board a ship to tour the river, which will make you feel as if you’re in nature’s art gallery, with one beautiful painting after another slowly unfolding before your eyes. At noon you will enjoy a meal as you continue to admire the scenery, basking in the boundless pleasure of the journey. After arriving in Yangshuo, you can have a little something to drink and do some people watching: in the afternoon, we have arranged a bamboo raft trip along Yangshuo’s tranquil Yulong River. In the evening you can also enjoy Yangshuo’s lively night market. Chinese and Western cafes and restaurants line the street like trees in a forest, and the souvenirs everywhere are a feast for the eyes.
Yangshuo Accommodations: Yangshuo New Century Hotel 阳朔新世纪 (4-Star) or equivalent
Day 2 Attractions:

Guilin - cormorant fishermen - J.G. - 180 x 120
Cormorant fishermen, Guilin
(photo by J.G.)
  • boat tour of the Li River (漓江, Lí Jiāng)
  • bamboo raft trip on the Yulong River (遇龙河, Yùlóng Hé)
  • Yangshuo night market (夜市, yèshì)
  • Special Arrangements: “beer fish” (啤酒鱼, píjiǔ yú, a famous local Yangshuo dish), a special bamboo raft route arranged just for you

Day 3: Departure from Guilin (B)
Today your tour guide will escort you to the airport, where you will say goodbye to Guilin.

CITGL1 Prices and Departure Dates

* Price includes land transportation, meals (as noted on the itinerary), hotel, tour guide, complimentary accident insurance, and all of the attractions listed on the itinerary (including the “special arrangements”) but does NOT include the additional charge for single occupancy; the base price per traveler assumes that hotel rooms are shared by two people.

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