Shanghai 3-Day Tour Extension (CITSH1)

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Day 1: Arrival in Shanghai (L/D)
Today you will arrive in Shanghai, the largest city in China. First, you will tour the architectural complex of the Bund, which lies along the Huangpu River in the downtown area. The Bank of China tower, Peace Hotel, Customs House tower, and other famous buildings built by Western nations during the colonial era are all located along the Bund, where the historical elegance of the “Wall Street of the Far East” has reappeared. On the opposite shore of the Huangpu River in Pudong stands a cluster of modern skyscrapers that represent China’s new era of prosperity, conveying a sense of vigor, majesty, and luxury. After your stroll along the Bund, you will spend an hour enjoying Shanghai’s bright and colorful night scenery as you cruise along the Huangpu River in a tourist boat. Later, you will walk among a sea of people on Nanjing Road, Shanghai’s famed shopping district.
Shanghai Accommodations: Crowne Plaza Hotel Shanghai Fudan 上海复旦皇冠假日酒店 (5-Star) or equivalent
Day 1 Attractions:

Shanghai - Pudong skyline - CIT - 214 x 120 v2
Pudong skyscrapers
(photo by CIT)
  • The Bund (外滩, Wàitān)
    • view of Pudong (浦東, Pǔdōng)
    • Huangpu River (黃浦江, Huángpǔ Jiāng)
  • Nanjing Road (南京路, Nánjīng Lù)
  • Special Arrangements: Mongolian barbecue (蒙古烧烤, Ménggǔ shāokǎo) for dinner, Huangpu River boat tour

Day 2: Shanghai (B/L/D)
After breakfast, you will head to Old Town (also known as Old Street) to tour Yuyuan Gardens and the Temple of the Town Gods Shopping Center. Here you will find goods of every description, including artworks, jewelry, clothes, snacks, souvenirs, toys, and special folk handicrafts. After lunch you will visit the Shanghai Museum, whose artworks and artifacts are appreciated both within China and internationally. In the evening you will enjoy a mesmerizing performance by a Shanghai-based troupe of acrobats.
Day 2 Attractions:

Shanghai - Nanjing Road - Khalid Albaih - 180 x 120
Nanjing Road pedestrian area
(photo by Khalid Albaih)
  • Old Town (老城市, Lǎo Chéngshì)
    • Yuyuan Gardens (豫园, Yùyuán)
    • Temple of the Town Gods Shopping Center (城隍庙商圈, Chénghuáng Miào Shāngquān)
  • Shanghai Museum (上海博物馆, Shànghǎi Bówùguǎn)
  • Special Arrangements: a taste of authentic Shanghainese food, Shanghai acrobats (杂技, zájì)

Day 3: ShanghaiU.S.A.
Today you will say farewell to Shanghai and return to your point of origin or to the next stop on your extended itinerary. First, you will take an exhilarating ride on the Shanghai Maglev Train, the world’s only commercial high-speed maglev (magnetic levitation) train. The western end of the line leaves from Longyang Road Station on Shanghai’s No. 2 subway line, and its eastern end is at Pudong International Airport; its total length is 30 kilometers. With a maximum speed of 431 kilometers per hour, the train takes only 7 minutes and 20 seconds to transport you the entire length of the track to the airport, where you will take a flight to your destination.
Special Arrangements: Maglev Train (磁浮列车, Cífú Lièchē)

CITSH1 Prices and Departure Dates

* Price includes land transportation, meals (as noted on the itinerary), hotel, tour guide, complimentary accident insurance, and all of the attractions listed on the itinerary (including the “special arrangements”) but does NOT include the additional charge for single occupancy; the base price per traveler assumes that hotel rooms are shared by two people.

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