Xi’an 3-Day Tour Extension (CITXA1)

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Xi'an - City Walls - South Gate guardhouse - CIT - 214 x 120
South Gate, Xi’an City Walls
(photo by CIT)

Day 1: Arrival in Xi’an (L/D)
After breakfast, you will fly to the ancient city of Xi’an in Shaanxi Province. Formerly called Chang’an (“Eternal Peace”), it is considered one of the great cities of the ancient world along with Athens, Cairo, and Rome. Over the course of Chinese history, Xi’an was the capital of eleven dynasties. Because Xi’an was the eastern endpoint of the legendary Silk Road, it features numerous cultural relics and historical sites. First, you will tour Big Goose Pagoda, which was built to preserve the valuable scriptures that the famous monk Master Xuán Zàng brought back from India. Since ancient times, distinguished and cultured men have been inspired by the view from the tower to write timeless works. Afterward, you will tour Xi’an’s enormous City Walls, which have a history of more than 600 years. For dinner, we have arranged a meal of authentic Shaanxi-style food for you. Xi’an’s delicious cuisine is a highlight of any visit to Xi’an and has earned it a reputation as a “gourmet food capital.”
Xi’an Accommodations: Titan Times Hotel 西安天朗时代大酒店 (5-Star) or equivalent
Day 1 Attractions:

Xi'an - terracotta soldiers - portrait - CIT - 128 x 160
Terracotta soldiers
(photo by CIT)
  • Big Goose Pagoda (大雁塔, Dàyàn Tǎ)
  • Xi’an’s City Walls (城墙, Chéngqiáng)
  • Special Arrangements: authentic Shaanxi-style dinner

Day 2: Xi’an (B/L/D)
If you haven’t seen the First Emperor’s terracotta army, known as the Eighth Wonder of the World, you haven’t really been to Xi’an. The pit where the terracotta army is still in the process of being excavated is an ancillary section of the tomb of the infamous First Emperor, Qín Shǐhuáng. Your next stop is Huaqing Hot Springs, which since ancient times has been famed for the high quality of both its hot springs and its beautiful scenery, but even more for its description in the famous poem “Song of Eternal Sorrow” by Bái Jūyì: “Allowed to bathe at Huaqing on a cold spring day, she washed her creamy skin with the warm, silky water; languid and tired, she was helped out of the water by a maid, and the Emperor’s love for her was renewed.” Because of this poem, the story of the tragic love affair that occurred here between Yáng Guìfēi and Emperor Xuánzōng of the Tang Dynasty has been passed down through the ages. After dinner, you will have a chance to admire modern musicians and dancers as they present an opulently staged show, re-created from historical materials, in imitation of Tang Dynasty performances.
Day 2 Attractions:

Xi'an - Tang Dynasty performance - dancer - Kevin Poh - 160 x 120
Tang Dynasty dancer
(photo by Kevin Poh)
  • the First Emperor’s terracotta army (兵马俑, Bīngmǎyǒng)
  • Huaqing Hot Springs (华清池, Huáqīng Chí)
  • Special Arrangements: authentic Defachang dumplings (德发长饺子, Défācháng jiǎozi), Tang Dynasty-style performance (仿唐乐歌舞, Fǎng Táng yuègēwǔ)

Day 3: Departure from Xi’an (B)
Today your tour guide will escort you to the airport, where you will say goodbye to Xi’an and head back to your point of origin or to the next stop on your extended itinerary.

CITXA1 Prices and Departure Dates

* Price includes land transportation, meals (as noted on the itinerary), hotel, tour guide, complimentary accident insurance, and all of the attractions listed on the itinerary (including the “special arrangements”) but does NOT include the additional charge for single occupancy; the base price per traveler assumes that hotel rooms are shared by two people.

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