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A Guide to Our Southeast Asia and China Tour Packages

The overwhelming number of beautiful, fascinating, and stimulating places to visit in China, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia can make it difficult to decide where to go, especially when you have limited time. Here are a few suggestions to get you started. You might also find our photo galleries and photo itineraries helpful. Don’t forget that we’re also happy to help you arrange a custom tour to suit your specific needs—see our Custom Tours page for details.

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Most Popular Destinations

If you want to focus on the most popular cities and attractions in China such as Beijing, Xi’an, and Shanghai, check out our China Highlights 11-Day and China Highlights 15-Day tours, our China Discovery Tour featuring Hong Kong, or our Ancient and Modern China Tour, which includes all of China’s 5 most popular destinations pictured below. Collectively, these places serve as an excellent introduction to the great variety of China’s historical, cultural, and modern attractions.

China Highlights 11-Day Tour (CIT001): Beijing – Xi’an – Guilin – Shanghai [photo itinerary]

China Highlights 15-Day Tour (CIT002): Beijing – Xi’an – Guilin/Yangshuo – Shanghai – Zhouzhuang – Suzhou – Wuxi – Hangzhou [photo itinerary]

China Discovery 11-Day Tour (CIT011): Beijing – Xi’an – Shanghai – Hong Kong [photo itinerary]

Ancient and Modern China 13-Day Tour (CIT012): Beijing – Xi’an – Guilin/
Yangshuo – Shanghai – Hong Kong [photo itinerary]

The Forbidden City’s Hall of Supreme Harmony in Beijing, China A group of the First Emperor’s terracotta soldiers in Lintong near Xi’an, China Rafts on the Li River near Guilin, China Colonial buildings on the Bund in Shanghai, China Victoria Harbour and downtown Hong Kong as seen from Victoria Peak
Beijing’s Forbidden City
(photo by Richard Fisher)
Xi’an’s terracotta soldiers
(photo by Richard Fisher)
The Li River near Guilin
(photo by Cyril Bele)
The Bund in Shanghai
(photo by CIT)
Downtown Hong Kong
(photo by CIT)
China’s Natural Wonders

If you’re primarily interested in China’s stunning natural scenery, consider our Yunnan Highlands and Majestic Scenery tours, which will transport you to a world of transcendent beauty. Remote and well-preserved yet tourist-friendly, places like Lijiang and Zhangjiajie (an inspiration for the Pandoran landscapes in Avatar) are for many travelers the highlight of their China adventure.

Yunnan Highlands Local Culture 11-Day Tour (CIT004): Kunming – Stone Forest – Jiuxiang Caverns – Dali – Lijiang – Tiger Leaping Gorge – Xianggelila (Shangri-la) [photo itinerary]

Majestic Scenery 15-Day Tour (CIT010): Mounigou (Huanglong) – Jiuzhaigou – Chengdu – Leshan – Mount Emei – Zhangjiajie – Fenghuang [photo itinerary]

The Stone Forest near Kunming, China Pudacuo Lake and the surrounding forest in the Xianggelila (Shangri-La) area of Yunnan, China A waterfall and lake at Jiuzhaigou in Sichuan Province, China The giant Puxian Bodhisattva statue and a gilt temple building on Mount Emei’s Golden Summit Otherworldly karst (limestone) peaks in Zhangjiajie, China
Yunnan’s “Stone Forest”
(photo by Mark Kao)
A pristine lake in Xianggelila
(photo by Zhengmao Hu)
A waterfall at Jiuzhaigou
(photo by Christopher)
Emei’s Golden Summit
(photo by Mark Kao)
Zhangjiajie’s strange peaks
(photo by Mark Kao)
Culture and History in Depth

Those who would like to explore China’s culture and history more deeply should try our Roots of Chinese Culture Tour, which will take you to see the Shaolin Monastery and the ancient Yungang Grottoes, or our Northeast China Tour, which will allow you to visit Confucius’ hometown and the spectacular Mount Tai.

Roots of Chinese Culture 14-Day Tour (CIT006): Taiyuan – Wutai Mountain – Heng Mountain – Yingxian – Datong – Pingyao – Linfen – Yuncheng – Luoyang – Dengfeng (Shaolin Monastery) – Zhengzhou – Kaifeng

Northeast China 15-Day Tour (CIT009): Harbin – Changchun – Jilin – Shenyang – Dalian – Lüshun – Yantai – Qingdao – Lao Mountain – Weifang – Ji’nan – Mount Tai – Qufu

The Hanging Temple in Shanxi Province, China Shaolin kung fu performers in Zhengzhou, China The Yungang Grottoes near Datong, China The temples of Wutai Mountain in Shanxi Province, China
The Hanging Temple
(photo by Steve Cadman)
Kung Fu masters at
the Shaolin Monastery

(photo by Kevin Poh)
Yungang Grottoes
(photo by
Steve Cadman)
Temples at Wutai Mountain
(photo by Tim Wang)
A bridge in Dalian, China A gate in Qufu, China Tourists climb a stairway up Mount Tai in Shandong Province, China People relaxing at a seaside park near downtown Qingdao, China St. Sophia Cathedral in Harbin (Haerbin), China
(photo by
Ashley Wang)
Qufu, Confucius’ hometown
(photo by Mark Tu)
Mount Tai
(photo by
Charlie Fong)
Qingdao (Tsingtao)
(photo by Taylor and Ayumi)
St. Sophia Cathedral,

(photo by Ivan Walsh)
The Fascinating Silk Road

To journey to even more remote and exotic destinations in northwestern China, where for thousands of years Chinese culture has mingled with influences from the outside world, choose our Silk Road 16-Day Tour.

Silk Road 16-Day Tour (CIT007): Ürümqi – Turpan – Dunhuang – Great Wall at Jiayuguan – Lanzhou – Xining – Xi’an

Heavenly Lake near Ürümqi, China Crescent Moon Spring, amidst giant sand dunes, near Dunhuang, China An ancient mural in the Mogao Caves (or Mogao Grottoes) near Dunhuang, China A minaret towers over a bazaar in Ürümqi, China
Heavenly Lake
(photo by Dave and Melody)
Crescent Moon Spring
(photo by “Fever Z.”)
An ancient mural at Mogao
(public domain photo)
A bazaar at Ürümqi
(photo by “29cm”)
Luxurious Yangtze Cruise, Mysterious Tibet

Those who want to take a cruise through the famed Three Gorges of the Yangtze River (Chang Jiang) and also visit popular destinations like Beijing, Xi’an, and Shanghai should look at our Magnificent Yangtze/Ancient Capitals and Mysterious Tibet tours, the latter of which also features a three-day stop in Lhasa, Tibet, the most important center for Tibetan Buddhism.

Magnificent Yangtze/Ancient Capitals Deluxe 15-Day Tour (CIT005): Beijing – Three Gorges – Xi’an – Guilin/Yangshuo – Shanghai [photo itinerary]

Mysterious Tibet 16-Day Tour (CIT008): Beijing – Three Gorges – Xi’an – Lhasa – Shanghai [photo itinerary]

A towering peak in Qutang Gorge, one of the Three Gorges on China’s Yangtze River (Chang Jiang) A container ship dwarfed by the walls of a gorge on China’s Yangtze River (Chang Jiang) The Oriental Pearl Tower in downtown Shanghai, China The Great Wall of China at Badaling, near Beijing Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet
The Yangtze River’s
magnificent Qutang Gorge

(photo by Gary Larson)
A gorge dwarfs
a container ship

(photo by
Gary Larson)
Oriental Pearl
Tower, Shanghai

(photo by
Tim Wang)
The Great Wall at Badaling
(photo by Mark Kao)
Potala Palace, Lhasa
(photo by McKay Savage)
Dynamic, Spectacular, Extra-Affordable

Our Jiangnan Gourmet Cuisine/Yellow Mountain Tour features a great combination of authentic local cuisine, relaxing environments, mountain scenery, traditional culture, and the fast-paced world of cosmopolitan Shanghai.

Jiangnan Gourmet Cuisine/Yellow Mountain 10-Day Tour (CIT003):
Shanghai – Zhouzhuang – Suzhou – Wuxi – Hangzhou – Hong Village – Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) [photo itinerary]

Skyscrapers in the Pudong area of Shanghai, China The tranquil canals of Zhouzhuang, China West Lake in Hangzhou, China Sunrise at Huangshan (Yellow Mountain), China The misty cliffs of Huangshan (Yellow Mountain), China
Shanghai’s ultramodern
Pudong skyline

(photo by CIT)
The canals of Zhouzhuang
(photo by Chen Zhao)
West Lake in Hangzhou
(photo by Preetam Rai)
Sunrise from the top of
Yellow Mountain

(photo by Mark Kao)
Misty cliffs of
Yellow Mountain

(photo by CIT)
Budget Tour Packages

Hoping to travel to China on a little tighter budget? We also offer a number of discount tours that take you to many of the destinations above, as well as some destinations that are not featured in our standard tours. Please visit our Specials page for information about our latest discount tour packages.

Giant ice sculptures at Ice and Snow World in Harbin (Haerbin), China Waterfalls at Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in Lijiang, China A 'diaolou' building in Kaiping, China The Temple of Heaven in Beijing, China
Ice and Snow World,

(photo by Mickey VDO)
Jade Dragon Snow
Mountain, Lijiang

(photo by CIT)
Guangdong’s “diaolou”

(photo by Kevin Poh)
Temple of Heaven,

(photo by Saad Akhtar)
Beyond Mainland China

Don’t forget that we also offer fantastic tour packages to places other than Mainland China, such as Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Check our homepage for announcements about our latest packages.

Eastern Taiwan Essential Highlights 5-Day Tour: Taipei – Hualien – Taitung

Western Taiwan Essential Highlights 5-Day Tour: Taipei – Nantou – Chiayi – Kaohsiung

Thailand 5-Day Tour (CITTL1): Bangkok – Pattaya

Vietnam/Cambodia Highlights 7-Day Tour (CITVC1): Hanoi – Ha Long – Siem Reap (Angkor Wat) – Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

A pagoda on a hill against a sunset-painted sky at Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan Elephants being bathed by their trainers in Thailand Limestone islets in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam A group of orange-clad monks stands before the towers of Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Sunset at Sun Moon Lake,

(photo by Luhai Wong)
Elephants in Thailand
(photo by
Steve Jurvetson)
Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
(photo by Thomas Hirsch)
Angkor Wat, Cambodia
(photo by “tylerdurden1”)
CIT Itinerary Choice Chart for Popular Destinations

Use this chart to choose the itinerary that’s most appropriate for you. Keep in mind that you can add Beijing, Guilin/Yangshuo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Xi’an tour extensions to any CIT itinerary. Check our Specials page for our current discount tours, which will also take you to some of these destinations. You can download a PDF version of the chart by clicking on the image to the left.

If none of these options is quite what you’re looking for, please visit our Custom Tours page to see how we can help you plan the perfect tour.

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